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Download Stories, Highlights and Videos from Instagram

Instagram Story Saver

Instagram Story Saver

Story Saver is an easy-to-use, online web tool that allows you to download Instagram stories, highlights and videos. With Story Saver, you can download different types of content from Instagram and enjoy them later, even when you’re offline. So next time you see something on Instagram that you want to keep, use Story Saver and save it for later!

How to Download Story From Instagram?

Downloading an Instagram Story and Highlights is a simple process that can be done in just three easy steps:

Copy instagram post link

1. Copy the URL

First, open the Instagram Story you wish to download. Then, click on the (⋯) icon if you are using an iPhone or (⋮) if you are using an Android. From the popup menu, select the “Copy Link” option to copy the Story’s URL.

Paste instagram post link

2. Paste the Link

Next, navigate to the website and locate the appropriate field to paste the copied link. Once you have pasted the link, hit the “Download” button.

Download Story

3. Download the Story

After clicking the “Download Now” button, the Story will be downloaded to your device . Depending on your device, the Story file will either be saved in the Download folder or gallery.

Our story saver works smoothly on all browsers like Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, UC Browser, Safari and Opera. You can download Instagram Stories, Highlights and Videos without installing any software or application on your device (PC, Laptop, Mac, Android, iOS).

Instagram Story Download Online

Instagram Story downloader

IG Story Downloader

Our Instagram story downloader tool allows you to easily download stories online by simply entering the Instagram Story link that you wish to save . Best of all, our tool is completely free to use and you don’t even need to create an account to access it. Plus, it’s completely anonymous!

Insta Story Saver

Our Insta story saver tool is also capable of downloading Instagram videos . However, it’s important to note that to download a story or highlight from Instagram, it must be viewable to the public. Please ensure that you are following the platform’s guidelines when downloading content. Always play by the rules!

Instagram Story saver

Why Use StorySaver.Club Downloader?

StorySaver.Club stands out among the myriad of Instagram downloader tools for its simplicity, convenience, and versatility. Here’s why it’s your go-to solution for effortlessly saving Instagram media:

  1. This tool is completely free to use.
  2. User friendly interface.
  3. Very easy to navigate.
  4. Works on All Devices like Android, Windows and iOS.
  5. No need to log in or sign up.
  6. The fastest Instagram downloader on the internet.
  7. Start downloading Instagram content in three easy steps.

Say goodbye to complicated downloading processes and hello to seamless, hassle-free Instagram content download. Try our Insta Story Saver today and unlock a world of possibilities at your fingertips!


Q: What are Instagram Stories and Highlights?

A: Instagram provides two features for sharing photos and videos: Stories and Highlights. Both options allow you to share media that vanishes after 24 hours. The key distinction lies in how they are saved—Highlights are stored in a private album labeled “Highlights,” whereas regular stories are archived in a public gallery named “Your Story.”

Q: How can I download stories from Instagram?

A: Simply copy the link of the Instagram Story you want to save, paste it on our story saver website input box, and click “Download”. That’s it! The story will be saved to your device.

Q: What does Story download limits and restrictions?

Our Instagram story download service offers unlimited downloads, completely free of charge. You’re welcome to use it as frequently as you wish, without any restrictions. Whether you want to save stories for personal use or share them with others, the choice is yours. Feel free to print out the images and display them on your wall as well!

Q: How to Download Instagram Stories on Android or iPhone?

A: You can easily download Instagram stories on both Android and iPhone devices. One of the most convenient methods, especially for Android users, is via our website. Our Instagram story downloader is compatible with all major browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, UC Browser, and Opera. Enjoy the freedom to download any stories or highlights you desire and watch them anonymously on your device at your convenience.

Q: Why should I use a story saver instead of taking screenshots?

A: Story savers offer higher quality downloads compared to screenshots and sometimes additional features like trimming videos or downloading audio.

Q: Is it legal to download Instagram stories?

A: It’s generally okay to download stories for personal use as long as you have the owner’s permission. Sharing or reposting downloaded stories without permission is not allowed.

Q: Is safe to use?

A: Yes, our website is safe and 100% secure. We don’t store any of your personal information or the stories you download.